Affiliate Marketing Tip – Write A New Autoresponder Message

I spent about 15 minutes this morning writing a new autoresponder message for a list on one of my niche sites. In it I shared my thoughts on a low cost ebook and how it had helped me solve a problem. I also included links to two related articles on my niche site (which in turn promoted the same ebook at the end).

It took me no more than a few minutes to write and upload the email to my autoresponder and it is now going out to every person that subscribes to my list … even if they sign up 2 years from now.

The first affiliate sales for the ebook are already coming in and I expect there to be a few more each week from here on out. As my list grows, my income from this one email will grow as well.

Take some time this week to write a few autoresponder messages of your own. Find a good product, give it a try and if it works, recommend it to your list.

P.S. I use Aweber to build all my list and send out autoresponder messages as well as newsletters. You can give them a try for a dollar here:

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